Women of the seven seas
Women of the seven seas

4. As kids, we were even told that when we went to the beach, we shouldn’t wear green,...

..., because then the Queen will take you in as part of her kingdom. The believers often come to the Indian Ocean and bring offerings to her at least once a year. Some said she likes bull heads, some said she’s a vegetarian. Her story is so fascinating that researchers all over the world come to study her lore. 

As for myself, I only know that the Indian Ocean has such big waves, and whether The Queen’s there or not, it didn’t matter. I was just simply afraid the sea would swallow me, as my nightmares had taught me as a child.

But I did love hearing the stories shared by my Bugis grandmother and somehow found out myself comfortably being at sea when I’m on the boat. Either on a kayak or tall ship, I felt quite confident and grew sympathetic towards the sea. I finally developed a cautious love for the sea alongside the fear, a new layer to the relationship.

The lingering fear was still big enough that I almost gave up my efforts to start the cultural vessel Arka Kinari, until the Queen of The Sea came to my dream one day. Her appearance in my dream was the last confirmation for me to finally accept that I had to sail with Arka Kinari, face my fears, and not doubt our dream: to slowly tour by water and spread the story of how we can survive in the anthropocene.

My love for the sea is now growing even bigger. I came to realize that the sea has a very feminine energy. One day when me and co-founder Grey Filastine were discussing the Queen of The Southern Sea, we both agreed that the reason her presence resonates with all seafaring people is because before we even entered this world, we were floating in salty water inside our mother’s womb. And just like all mothers, the oceans are the destinations of all rivers who witness our everyday acts, whether good or bad.

If we were to touch the seas, we could feel these stories meet and coalesce into each other, transported from one island to the great unknown beyond.

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First Meeting
Women of the Seven Seas - Online-Symposium
First Shefarers' Parade of Hamburg
### CALL ### CALL ### CALL ### TO THE WOMEN* OF THE SEVEN SEAS What: 3 Weeks Residency Where: Hamburg Port When: Summer 2022 ###
Women of the Seven Seas - a Lecture Performance
Residencies in Hamburg Port
Lecture Performance & Salon at Kampnagel Sommerfestival Hamburg
Call for the Shefarers of Ipswich
Puan Samudra (The Ocean's Women Guardians)
Shefarers of Ipswich - Open Ship & Banquet
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About the Women of the Seven Seas.
Giuditta Vendrame

Giuditta Vendrame. Artist, Designer, Researcher.

What water does to our brains

The water, like any of the larger intangible un-holdable natural systems --like sky and weather, will teach you things that will take you forever to learn on land. 

Exterritory Project Cargo


Interview with FESAN, July 2021

Interview with FESAN

1. Hamburger Seefrauenparade / Shefarers' Parade Hamburg
Mutiny on the Bivalvia - interview with a seafarer

radio play by Nadja Abt, 2021

constance hockaday

constance hockaday

Giuditta Vendrame
1. My Ancestors Were Sailors/ Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut (By Ibu Sud)

a text by Nova Ruth 

2. Many years ago, composer Ibu Sud wrote Nenek Moyangku Seorang Pelaut as a cheery song for children.

a text by Nova Ruth 

water gives and takes life

a text by Kristin Samir Jaibi Loren du Pon

engine at sea

on board of the Sea-Watch by Kristin Feddersen 

Black Water
Country of the Sea



ongoing work based on researches about seafaring, ships and harbours

The Women of the Seven Seas - A Science Fiction
3. My grandmother, Soetinah, grew up on the coast of Pare-pare, South Sulawesi, ...

a text by Nova Ruth 

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf


You Make a Better Wall Than A Window - a boattrip

about the water as public space and the lack of access 

secret agency goes to Hollywood

Women of the Seven Seas - A Science Fiction, part II

Nova Ruth
4. As kids, we were even told that when we went to the beach, we shouldn’t wear green,...

a text by Nova Ruth 

Kristin Feddersen
secret agency - Arka Kinari hand over ritual

secret agency has been travelling on board of Arka Kinari along the Molukka Islands (Indonesia) to celebrate and hand over the network "Women of the Seven Seas" to Nova Ruth (Arka Kinari). Crossing the Equator (N/S 0°00.000´- E127°28.820`) we put the flags out greating all women of the seven seas while offering rice, flowers, knowledge and beauty to the floating water. 


music by Nova Ruth 

Shaina Anand

Filmmaker and Artist, CAMP

Female Seafarers' Association of Nigeria


geheimagentur / secret agency
Exterritory Project
Nadja Abt
Mary Mattingly
What you can learn from the Floating Neutrinos